I offer custom, hand painted, Little Darling vinyl dolls.  Please look through my gallery of Little Darlings and choose the doll or characteristics that you want for your doll.

Painting custom orders is challenging, but I love every minute of it.  Seeing these little faces come to life as all the colors are being applied  is such fun and so rewarding.  It is so amazing how each doll develops her own personality with the different shaped brows and lips or with a little different eye position.

The wait time for a Little Darling doll is about 18 months at this time, but I have been working very hard to shorten this wait time. The charge for one of my dolls is $425. A non-refundable deposit of $105 is required at the time of placing the order. ($5 of this payment covers the PayPal fee on the deposit). This holds your place in my commission book.  Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees on the balance as well. Because of the high demand for these doll there is a limit of two dolls per order unless pre approved.

I also offer Custom repaints on all vinyl dolls and the resin BJD dolls; however, my commission book  for these dolls is closed at this time until I can get caught up on my Little Darling orders. Please visit the Gallery on some of my past repaints and face-ups.  I love painting them.  They have beautiful little faces that just come to life when the lifeless factory paint is removed and they are repainted with more lifelike features. One of my customers refers to the factory eyes as shark eyes, because she thinks they look lifeless.

Thank you for visiting today and, hopefully,  you can find the doll of your dreams.

    Master doll artist