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My name is Lana Dobbs.  My specialty is hand painted dolls. Having had a love affair with dolls all of my life, I have pursued every aspect of dollmaking, which includes porcelain, reborn babies, sculpting dolls, sewing for dolls, shoes, boots and other accessories.

I have earned a Grand Master's Title in both modern and antique reproduction dolls, and a certification with the highly esteemed, and talented, Dianna Effner in realistic eye painting.  In 1997, I opened a doll shop where I taught porcelain doll-making.  After closing the doll shop, I began traveling as a Doll Guild Artist and Instructor, teaching eye painting classes for Dianna Effner.

For the past four years I have been painting Dianna Effner's Little Darlings vinyl dolls and other doll faces in my rural Oklahoma home.  My husband Lynn and I are blessed with a wonderful family.  We have three grown children and eight Grandchildren.   My life is as charmed as it is busy.  I am married to a wonderful and understanding man who doesn't mind dozens of eyes staring at him, late dinners, nor eating at the bar because the kitchen table is covered with dolls, brushes and paints.

I have special dolls, brushes and paints for my grandchildren; that way I can visit with them while we paint together. Surprisingly, some of their work is very promising.  At least to Grammy it is.

Every doll I contract is lovingly painted per the clients specifications; however, as with any art, each doll turns out slightly different, making them unique, and  a one of a kind piece.  

I hope you enjoy browsing through my Little Darlings dolls and that you will find that special doll for you.

Thank you Dianna for creating these wonderful dolls!

Some of my creations

My spare time, whenever I can find any, is spent creating doll accessories. I feel that some of my dolls need a special friend to hold onto, so I love to hand needle felt a friend for them.  I take delight in creating these little animals.  

​I also love making shoes and boots to match their, usually, handmade outfits.  Sometimes I use glove leather, as it is very workable for these tiny items. Decorating commercial made shoes like the little flats adds character and matches them to a doll outfit. 

These are a  small sample of some of my favorite creations.

    Master doll artist