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Recently we have started a mail-in project to help with orders that I am unable to locate due to a computer/internet issue.  The mail-in project is working.   I have received many, many order confirmation pages in the mail and a large number of those letters have been replied to. 

Those of you who have been waiting for a doll for a long time, thank you so much for your patience and understanding and please know that I am working very hard to fill them. 2014 was a year on which I took a large number of  orders.

 I am presently working on August of 2014.   If your order is prior to that time and have not received it yet, it is  more likely one of those which is missing.   As I have been working on matching payments to orders,  I have found that many people who sent deposits did so by using different PayPal accounts or email address and it is making it very difficult to match the payments to the original order.  Some are under their businesses names or husband, friend, etc. That is why it is important I get the proper documentation so they can be match to the original order.  

Please print all pertinent information and send it to:

Lana Dobbs

243669 E. County Road 554 

Fairview, OK 73737 

Please include the following information.  Your name and phone number. The date of the deposit and any other payments. If you don't know the exact date of the order please estimate when you ordered so we can research the order with Paypal.  Be sure to include your Paypal address as it was when you ordered.  Please note if your current Paypal address is different from when you made your deposit.  Also include your other contact information and your current Email address if it is different from the address you use for Paypal purchases. 
You may want to print the info with description and pictures of the doll(s) you ordered.  If possible, please provide printed proof of your payment(s).  That would be very helpful. 


I would like to thank all of you for your continued support.  I APPRECIATE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU VERY MUCH.  I am very concerned that the wait time IS AS LONG AS IT IS, and for that reason,  I have decided to stop all new orders until further notice.      thank you all for your patience and understanding.  please see below for additional information.

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